Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Teeny Tiny Legs

One day, I saw this picture:

And ever since then, I have been a little obsessed with baby leg warmers. Unfortunately, this particular item costs a little more than I want to pay. (here) Especially since they're basically a pair of socks without feet. So I googled "baby leg warmers tutorial," and found quite a few lovely blogs that show how to make them from adult socks. I don't have a sewing machine, or know how to use one. But my mommy does! So we used this tutorial to make these little cuties:

After the baby is born, I'll be able to measure his legs and taper the bottom so they fit nicely. But I may have to do that sewing by hand, because my mommy is no longer near by!

My parents were serving a mission here in Salt Lake City for the past year, and left us for home last week. They had a blast helping people out at the Family History Library at Temple Square, and I was super spoiled to have them living so near, and to have them all to myself! Now they're far away, and I think I'm having mommy and daddy withdrawal. Aren't they cute?


olivia said...

a: your parents are the cutest


b: i wanted leggings too! and then someone told me we should make them but i haven't gotten to it! i want to do it even MORE now. any tips on where to find good striped socks?

analisa said...

The ones we used were women's knee socks from Target...$2 each I think. They also had some that cost a little more, but these worked great! The how-to I linked to uses regular women's crew socks, so I don't know if ours are going to be too long. We'll see! I'm sure they'll fit the baby at some point in time.