Monday, February 14, 2011

Light Bright

I had a sick Valentine's Day today. Woke up with a sore throat and stuffed sinuses, and a little bit of a headache. So I stayed home, rested, and ate some nutritional sick food (ie pizza and strawberries...the pizza was to celebrate our oven finally getting fixed today!) Anyway, I tried to sleep most of the day, but my brain wasn't cooperating, so I found something to work on.

I saw this light art idea on AT a few months ago, and thought it was super cute.

A cute little Light Bright-ish night light to hang next to the baby's sleeping place. Yay! Since I already have the stuff to make it, I'm going for it! But I thought it would be fun to try using the baby's name or a cute word instead. So here's what I did today. I'm probably getting ahead of myself—I don't know how many lights are on one string, but I had fun!

...and then I thought it might be a little silly to put words on the wall for a baby... Anyway, wouldn't it be more fun to design a little Light Bright animal or robot friend? So this project is to be continued.

I'm working on making it cuter...

PS James came home from Target and cooked some Vday steak! It was delicious. He's incredible. Pretty sure I can't be sick after this kind of treatment.

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