Friday, November 14, 2008

Playing Dress Up

I designed another cover today!

I love working on this magazine. It's a little bit of a challenge to make things feel child-like and sophisticated and artsy all at the same time, but I'm getting the hang of it!

The photo is from Vogue Bambini. Thanks Ayumi!
Typeface is Freight Micro and Freight Text Italic

internship stuff

I just found out that some of the projects I worked on this summer at Vérité are up and running!

This Norton Antivirus project was pretty cool. I designed most of the icons and helped storyboard, although I didn't help with the animating. I really like working with the concept of a hand touch interface. Oh and the wonderful hand model is Wynn Burton.

Our project for Kennecott Utah Copper was my favorite! I didn't play a huge role, being an intern and all, but here's what I did do:

designed the head and brain diagram at the begininng
animated the parts with the plastic man and all the stuff around him
designed the report card
designed and animated the map sequence

And it turned out so good!

current stuff

Well I thought when I first started this blog that I'd be putting up a lot of my work. So far, that hasn't happened, so I thought I'd start now. I'm working on some really great projects this semester, and surpassing all expectations, I like them!

The first is Milk, a French children's fashion magazine. I really love the magazine as it is, but since it's in French, I thought I'd make the American version! Here's my first cover:

Typeface: Freight Micro
Masthead by me, kinda based on FF Magda Clean
Photo: Loretta Lux

I'll post the feature I'm working on another time.

And here's my branding project. Public Conversations Project is a nonprofit org out of Massachusetts whose sole existence is to foster communication between opposing moral, political and world views. I thought it was a great concept for an organization.

business cards:

Typeface: FF Fago Monospaced

And this image is just for fun. It's my illustrator file with all the layers visible. This calamity is why I'm soooooo excited to get my CS4 tomorrow. Illustrator CS4 has multiple artboards. They can be any size, any arrangement and can be created any time. It's like all my Illustrator wishes have come true.