Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mr. Smith

My husband and I watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on Google today, and these newspaper printing scenes made me happy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

remembering stuff

I saw this on fffound, and I remembered that I saw it at Kayo Gallery when I went to SLC with my parents the weekend of graduation, and I remembered that I liked it.

Dan Christofferson
Gotta love Hoefler type and cultish Mormon imagery

And that made me remember that I didn't post anything about graduation, which is weird because it's kind of a big deal. Except for the fact that I'm not really done with school until August, but that doesn't make it any less fun that my family came up to celebrate with me, and that I got to wear a big ugly robe and a weird square hat.

Mom, Dad, Abuelita and I.

Me and my husband James after the commencement ceremony.

We had a graphic design dinner for the graduates. We all got "wood awards" with wood scraps from the Habitat for Humanity home we worked on. Mine was "Most Likely To Apologize for Being Funny." Fun times. My favorite? Linda's was "Most Likely to Buckle Up Before Ayumi Presents."

Aaron gave a really great presentation at the College ceremony. This is something good ol' Milton said when he was at BYU a few years back.

Me and my fam. They're so great!

We had a picnic right outside of our apartment. So fun!

My abuelita and two lovely cousins Arisa and Azalea.

It was also Grandma's birthday! We got her a cake and some presents.

Cycle Clothing

I haven't blogged about this project before, so I thought it would be a great place to start posting my new work.

Cycle is an Italian clothing company that borrows from various fashion periods and trends to create really sweet contemporary clothing. Their current branding is pretty uninspiring, and it doesn't do their clothing or concept justice.

My first step in refreshing their brand was to create a logo that can be enduring and timeless—one that will hold up well through all the trends that fashion will invariable go through.

I developed a variety of cloth textures as another branding element for Cycle. They are evocative of the diverse textures that are used in Cycle's clothing line, and are very useful in creating a cohesive but varied visual language.
Developing the packaging was probably my favorite part of working on Cycle. It was a fun challenge to use the color palette and textures to create a system that feels consistent and diverse at the same time. Photos by Kati Ellis.

Once the color palette and textures were nailed down, it was so fun to carry the look, feel and concept through the environmental applications and web pages.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Portfolio Pictures

The wonderfully talented Kati Ellis recently brought me into the studio and shot some beautiful photos of my work! I'm incredibly excited to see the final result and will definitely be posting the photos with some words about each project when they are all ready. But for now, a small teaser will have to suffice.

By the way, definitely check out Kati's website, 1. because her work is inspiring and 2. because I designed her logo and helped lay out the site! We'll be photographing the work I've done/will do for her towards the end of June, along with another project I'm just starting.