Saturday, January 15, 2011


We planned a trip to the zoo this weekend, and luckily I had energy, and the weather was really nice! The winter is such a great time to be at the zoo. No crowds, no crazy heat, and the animals aren't any less active. Although, I bet evenings in the summer are the best time to see the animals.

It felt good to be on my feet for longer than usual, until they started hurting!


Brittany Roscheck said...

You are such a cute pregnant girl! I love the name Joah. By the way, little boys are the BEST! Can't wait to see the little one.

analisa said...

Thanks Brittany! I remember you being super cute pregnant too :)

We are so excited to see our little boy too! These next ten weeks can't go by fast enough.

I just looked at pictures on your blog, and your little guy is growing so fast! What a cutie.

amanda jane said...

You are too cute for words! Look at your little baby bump!!!