Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some Late Resolutions

I thought I was only going to have one resolution this year: Have a baby! (although James said that isn't really a resolution) But getting so close to having the baby has given me an itch to improve everything!

First of all, our money situation is kinda messy. Turns out, even when you have a full time job that pays well, you can get into debt! Especially when you have car problems. We've been pretty naive (and a bit lazy) in thinking that we didn't need to keep a strict budget. This irrational behavior will be corrected.

Second, my life has gotten into a pattern of working, coming home, and watching other people live interesting lives and do amazing, creative things. TV, blogs, inspiring websites, etc. While my personal accomplishments, outside of work, have been pretty minimal. I decided that even when I'm feeling like poop, I can do something creative that makes our home better for our little family.

So the solution is this: James and I will be following a budget (!) that includes almost zero money for non-essentials. Any extra will go towards our lovely debt pile. (Have you heard of the Debt Snowball?) I will do more creative things around our home—perfect timing for me to get serious about our "nursery" (the baby's half of our bedroom). AND I'll blog about our adventures! It should be interesting with the whole ZERO budget thing.

So there. I'm committed. Wish me luck!


meg said...

I hear ya about the debt thing. Seriously I've become obsessed with mint.com and making budgets. We'll see....

analisa said...

Meg, how do you like using mint.com? We thought about making an account, but were nervous about giving our bank info on the internets. We downloaded a trial of some finance software, but it costs 60 bucks if we want to keep using it.