Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Since we began house shopping, I discovered that I reach abnormally high levels of joy while creating floorplans.

So, aside from their being useful as we make updates to our home, this was so fun for me! I decided to create 3 versions for both floors of our home: current, dream and realistic. The dream version is what we would do given very very few restrictions, and the realistic version takes some important things into account—such as, whether our home would be left standing if we removed all the walls from the front half of the structure. Note also that "realistic" is a relative term, in this case meaning "Analisa's uneducated guess of what's possible."

For the first floor, the goal was to create as many free-flowing areas as possible, and involved stripping the front half of our home of walls, moving the wall that houses our electrical panel, moving exterior doors, and expanding windows. AKA, probably not even close to practical. So the realistic version adds columns and pony walls instead of just removing the walls completely, and works around the other structurally imperative things. Still pretty exciting!

I don't really have a lot of complaints about the layout of our basement as-is, so my dream version is pretty simple. Turn the staircase the other way; make the bathroom bigger and move the door to face the living area; and close off the laundry area. Since none of those things will be very smart when it comes to making our money back, I tried to pair the costs down for the realistic version.

So what to do with these???? For now, we're going to give the house a gradual facelift as we save for a big renovation. Hopefully some of these ideas will come to fruition in the coming years!

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