Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joah at 2 weeks

I'm behind!

Here's a little video of Joah waking up last week. He is so cute when we de-swaddle him. I always feel bad waking him up, but he has to eat! At his 2 week appointment, he still hadn't gained back his birth weight, which concerned the doctor a bit. We're going in to weigh him again tomorrow, and we'll see if our efforts to put some chunk on the little guy have worked.

The weird banging sound at the beginning is our washer...It's a little bit of an over-achiever when it comes to spinning.

Wake Up Joah! from Analisa estrada on Vimeo.

Expect more photos soon!


Missy said...

WHAT A CUTIE!! We had the same problem with Tristan. He wasn't gaining enough weight so his doctor had me breast feed him and then give him formula. Also, she had me pump my milk for a few days to see how much I produce and then feed it to him, just so we knew that he was actually getting all that I could give him. What did your pediatrician say to do?

analisa said...

Joah's doctor just said to keep feeding him every two hours during the day and at least every 4 hours at night. I also talked to a lactation specialist that gave me some tips to increase my milk supply. She was concerned b/c his feedings were lasting over an hour, which sometimes means they're not getting enough milk. I think best tip she gave was to pump for 2-3 minutes after every feeding, even if you're already empty. That signals your body to produce more milk!